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The Leader of the Death Squad Gave Orders in the Prison

Mohamed Ali Issues Criminal Instructions from Prison

On July 23, 2023, Mohamed Ali, also known as Makkan or Makelele, leader of the Death Squad, made a phone call from inside Hallanstalten prison near Södertälje. During the conversation, he asked his female relative to contact a friend to “stand by”. He then asked her to contact another person with instructions that were of a criminal nature. Correctional Service personnel interrupted the call and Mohamed Ali was warned for suspected misconduct.

Correctional Service Interrupts Call, Issues Warning

In an interrogation, Mohamed Ali stated that he only wanted his relative to contact another relative about a visit to the institution and to check for a camera. He claims that the female relative would never do anything criminal “even if I asked her to do it”. The Correctional Service replied that they cannot rule out that Mohamed Ali’s calls “were part of an ongoing crime”.

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Ali Claims Relative Would Never Do Anything Criminal

Mohamed Ali has previously been warned on several occasions including for having dealt with narcotics and for a positive urine test. He was originally sentenced in Denmark after a double murder in Copenhagen. He fought to avoid being deported to Sweden due to a perceived threat image against him. However, since July 9, 2021 he has been serving his life sentence in Sweden.

Ali Has History of Misconduct

It is important to note that Mohamed Ali is not the only dangerous criminal in Hallanstalten prison near Södertälje. The correctional facility houses many criminals who have committed serious crimes including drug-related offenses, robberies, and other violent acts. It is therefore essential that authorities are vigilant and take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of both inmates and prison personnel.

Other Dangerous Criminals in Hallanstalten Prison

The incident highlights the importance of proper communication between criminals and their relatives while incarcerated. It is vital that family members understand that any instructions given by inmates must not be followed as they could be illegal or dangerous. Furthermore, it is important for Correctional Service personnel to monitor calls in order to prevent any potential criminal activity from occurring within the prison walls.

Importance of Proper Communication Between Criminals and Relatives

In conclusion, it is evident that prisoners must be held accountable for their actions even while incarcerated. The incident involving Mohamed Ali demonstrates how important it is for both correctional staff and family members of inmates to be aware of potential criminal activities while communicating over the phone or in person. This way, they can ensure that prisoners are not able to orchestrate any illegal acts from inside prison walls.

  • Need for Correctional Service to Monitor Calls
  • Prisoners Must Be Held Accountable for Their Actions
  • Incident Highlights Need for Awareness of Criminal Activities
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