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New Apartments in Tensta to Reduce Overcrowding in Järva

A large part of the new tenements being built on Tenstaterrassen will be given to Järva residents to reduce overcrowding in the area. This initiative is part of Fokus Järva’s goal to make Järva an included part of Stockholm.

A total of 15,000 new apartments are under planning in Järva, with many more fours and fives than what the city originally planned. The Tenstate terrace will form a bridge over the E18 that will strengthen the connections between the district and outdoor life at Järvafältet, Järvabadet, the planned burial ground and the districts in northern Järva.

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Anders Österberg (S), chairman of the exploitation committee and a resident of Järva himself said that “I know many people who have moved out of the county even though they really want to stay, but they need a bigger home”. The Fokus Järva initiative is a gathering of forces from all of Stockholm, all committees, administrations and companies.

When Järva was built in the 1970s, it was, with good intentions, as isolated, traffic-separated enclaves. Stockholm politicians have long had plans to build Rinkeby and Spånga together. Anders Österberg said that “We look over all possibilities, check just about everything”.

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