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Suspected Shootings in Gothenburg Lead to Arrests and Attempted Murders

Gothenburg Police Investigate Suspected Shootings

On Saturday night, Gothenburg police received several calls about suspected shootings in the north-east of the city. The calls came between 1:15 and 2:00 a.m. Officer Martin Hallberg of the police said they had gone to four alarms about shooting and were investigating what had happened. At one of the places, the police had made a seizure which confirmed shooting, but did not specify what kind of seizure it was. The other three alarms could have "other explanations", according to the police.

Police spokesperson Peter Adlersson said for Angered, they had received calls about someone driving around in a car and shooting in the air, but they had not found any empty casings or anything and no one had seen any weapons. Adlersson said it could be a matter of the car backfiring. However, for Ale, someone had shot at a door to a residence, leading to a preliminary investigation into attempted murder, while the events in Angered were being investigated as serious weapons offences.

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At 9:00 a.m., no suspect had been arrested and the police had not found anyone injured. Later that day, there were reports of shots fired at a residence in Romelanda in Kungälv municipality. The shot went through the window but no one was injured in the shooting and a report of attempted murder has been filed.

Fortunately, no one was harmed as a result of these shootings, however it is still concerning that this happened in Gothenburg and that the police are still looking for suspects involved with these cases. It is important that we remain informed of our surroundings and report any suspicious activity to the police immediately. We must also be vigilant and take precautions to ensure our safety and that of our loved ones.

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