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Golden Jubilee of King Carl Gustaf: Stockholm’s Festivities and Security Measures

The King’s Golden Jubilee: A City in Celebration, A Constabulary on High Alert

In commemoration of King Carl Gustaf’s 50-year reign, Stockholm City, a buzzing hive of royal festivities, gears up for an enormous police operation. Parades, royal dignitaries, foreign emissaries, and countless Stockholmers come together on Saturday in a unifying event, spiced with an undercurrent of heightened vigilance.

Partnerships for Security

Stockholm police worked closely with other agencies in the early stages of planning for a major event, developing a coordinated response to minimize risks and ensure safety. A joint venture with aligned situational awareness and mutual comprehension of the unfolding program, says Michael Fetz, Stockholm’s counter-terrorism police coordinator.

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The collaboration of hundreds of officers is skillfully outlined and won’t disrupt routine police work, ensuring peace of everyday life.

The Saturday Spectacular

The king and queen will embark on their journey, with 3,000 armed forces members from 24 units accompanying them. As the royal carriage progresses through city heartlands, a Life Guard squadron will provide added security. A pilgrimage open to the public, stippled with music from Armed Force bands, promises an unforgettable spectacle.

Keeping Watch: On Land, Sea and in the Sky

Security peaks on Saturday with police cordoning off the procession route, full surveillance from airborne drones and helicopters, maritime police, and additional personnel in the crowd and strategic rooftops.

Navigating Stockholm amidst the Celebrations

Given Saturday’s likely massive traffic disruptions, the public is advised to forgo personal vehicles. Public transport and SL traffic will be affected by upcoming road closures.


We join Stockholm in celebrating this historic occasion, assuring expats and Swedes alike they can participate fully, secure in the knowledge their safety is a top priority.

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