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Storm Hans Continues to Plague Sweden – Red Warnings in South-West

Storm Hans Ravages Sweden – Red Warnings in South-West

  • Red Warnings Issued for South-West Sweden

The heavy rains brought by Storm Hans continue to plague Sweden, with red warnings issued in its south-west region on Wednesday. The Susa Stream in Åre overflowed, causing water and soil to enter properties on Tuesday. Meteorologist Linnea Rehn Wittskog from the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) warns of high amounts of precipitation in western Götaland, with upwards of 30-40 millimeters expected on Wednesday.

  • Storm Hans Causes Flooding and Landslides

The low pressure has caused several hydrological warnings, with the greatest risk still in western parts of Halland and Kronoberg counties. With the ground already saturated with water, it cannot absorb any more rain, and this is causing major problems across the country. Several flood warnings have been issued and train services have even been canceled due to the severity of the weather conditions.

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  • Train Services Canceled Due to Severe Weather

In addition to the red warning for high flows and flooding, an orange warning has been issued for Höje å, lower Rönne å, lower Lagan, Suseån, Himleån, upper Nissan, Årosälven, Testeboån, lower Österdalälven, Vallaån, upper Österdalälven and Harmångersån. A yellow warning remains in place for rain in the southern part of Bohuslän, Halland, northern Skåne and the westernmost part of Kronoberg County until lunchtime.

  • Storm Hans Expected to Move Northeast

Storm Hans is expected to move northeast and worsen on Thursday with larger amounts of rain in Hälsingland and Medelpad. Despite this, it is not certain that warnings will be issued for these areas. In Norway, Hans has led to several landslides and evacuations of residents in Innlandet north of Oslo. Strong winds have also caused traffic problems in northern Denmark and several bathhouses have been pulled out into the Skagerak in Løkken resort.

  • Expats Advised to Stay Informed of Weather Warnings

It is important for expats living in Sweden to stay informed of the latest weather warnings issued by SMHI in order to stay safe during this period. Be sure to stay up-to-date with any potential floods or landslides that may occur near your area and consider taking alternative routes if necessary. It is also advised to avoid going hiking or engaging in activities that may put you at risk.

  • Drier Weather Expected Later This Week

As Storm Hans moves away from Sweden later this week, expats can look forward to dryer weather and improved visibility. In the meantime, stay safe and be mindful of your surroundings while traveling or engaging in activities outdoors.

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