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The Gällivare Mother: A Key Figure in LVU Campaign against Swedish Child Custody

The Gällivare Mother: A Silent Figure in the Global LVU Campaign against Sweden

It’s not every day we think about how the home life of a family in the north of Sweden might affect the national stage. But one mother from the small municipality of Gällivare managed to do just that. Here’s how her actions drew the attention of Swedish citizens, politicians, and even international media, giving rise to a campaign that questioned child custody practices in Sweden.

LVU Campaign: An Intriguing Overview

The LVU (Care of Young Persons Act) campaign, as it’s been called, has been marked as the largest influence operation Sweden has ever faced. It’s been described as a misinformation campaign, alleging that the Swedish child welfare system deliberately kidnaps children – particularly those with Muslim backgrounds. The mother from Gällivare placed herself at the heart of this campaign.

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According to a report from the Swedish Defence University, this mother played a pivotal role in initiating the campaign. With the widespread claim that her two children were arbitrarily taken away into custody despite evidence of domestic violence in her own family, she drew significant attention both domestically and internationally.

Unbelievably, two notable politicians from the Moderate Party supported her claims and played key roles in ensuring her children were returned home – without court examination.

Facts of the LVU Campaign: In December 2021, an Arabic speaking site published over a dozen video clips alleging Swedish social services’ abuse: The campaign, ramped up in 2022, paints Sweden as a country that kidnaps children from Muslim parents. The messages endorsing violence and implied terror threats were propagated primarily by those who align themselves with violent or Islamist movements.

A Dramatic Turn of Events

In a twist of fate, the mother’s two children who were under state care were suddenly returned without a court examination, despite allegations of domestic violence in the household. With this unexpected turn, the mother became quiet, and her previously vigorous activities in the LVU-critical groups decreased significantly.

Shockingly, the two legislators from the Moderate Party, who once advocated for the mother, received new roles as members of the social council in Gällivare while the violent past of the children was apparently overlooked.

Facts about LVU: The Swedish law, Care of Young Persons Act (LVU), allows the state to forcibly care for children outside their own home, especially those living under conditions harmful to their health or development. The decision is made by the administrative court after an application from the social council.

Wrap Up

The case of the mother from Gällivare has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many, demonstrating a seemingly blatant disregard for the wellbeing of children for political or social expediency. Lena Sjötoft, a member of the social council, remarked, “It feels like we sacrificed the children to shut up the mother.” Sadly, the Gällivare case serves as a chilling reminder of how political biases can influence child protection systems, with children being the victims.

The story that began with a mother’s outcry in Gällivare opened up a Pandora’s box, raising questions about the country’s child custody practices, political interference, and ultimately the well-being of children under state care. As expats and global observers, we hope such issues are dealt with judiciously, ensuring the children’s safety is never compromised.

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