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SD Calls for an End to Social Democrats’ Lottery Operations

Tobias Andersson (SD) wants to put an end to the Social Democrats’ lottery operations. “Immoral and corrupt”, he calls it. SD agrees with the government to put an end to the parties’ lottery activities, in order to deprive the Social Democrats of an important source of income. “Next year it will be a poorer May Day train for the Norwegians,” he says.

The parties in the government document agree to review the parties’ lottery operations, which Expressen was the first to report on. An investigation must produce a concrete bill that will put an end to the lotteries.

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Tobias Andersson refers to the fact that, a couple of decades ago, S introduced an exception in the Gambling Act that made it possible for parties to sell lottery tickets on credit. The exception applies to all parties in the Riksdag, but it is S that brings in the most money. Lottery sales make up almost half of the party’s total revenue, according to Expressen.

Tobias Andersson believes that S has conducted aggressive marketing aimed at the financially weak and the elderly. “It is immoral to send gambling addicts to the Crown Enforcement Agency,” he says.

According to Tobias Andersson, the four parties in the government document agree on a draft investigative directive, only details remain. He expects that an investigator will be appointed within a few weeks and that it will be ready already after the summer.

By next spring at the latest, the parties’ lotteries will be a thing of the past, is the plan.

The Social Democrats’ party secretary Tobias Baudin is sharply critical of the proposal, which he believes is further proof of how the Tidö parties want to “make Sweden less Swedish”.

“That the government and SD want to use political power to make it difficult for the opposition with targeted legislation is recognized from countries with a more dubious view of democracy. We have warned of this authoritarian slide in the past and now it is showing in practice,” he says in a written comment.

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