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Sweden Responds to Cyber Threats by Appointing a Cybersecurity Envoy

Government Strengthens Cyber Security

  • Appoints Envoy for Cyber Issues
    • The Swedish government has appointed an envoy for cyber issues in response to the increasing IT threats and vulnerabilities.
    • The envoy, Andrés Jato, will work from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and represent Sweden in international dialogues on cyber security.
    • He will focus on establishing global cyber rules and response strategies.
  • Cybersecurity is a Matter of National Interest
    • “Cybersecurity is not only about preventing attacks,” said Foreign Minister Tobias Billström. “It’s a matter of national interest, affecting our economy and private sector too.”
    • Sweden is known for its high degree of digitization, which has both benefits and risks.
    • The recent influence campaign against social services has highlighted the vulnerability of Swedish systems to cyber attacks.
    • The Swedish Security Service has also raised the terror threat level, citing the potential for attacks on businesses and payment systems.
  • Cyber Security is a Long-Term Strategy
    • The government’s focus on cyber security is a long-term strategy, not a short-term response to the current situation.
    • The envoy’s role will also extend to the private sector, recognizing that ensuring digital security is a comprehensive task involving all sectors of society.


The Swedish government’s decision to establish an envoy for cyber issues is a timely and crucial move. As we navigate the complexities of the digital era, maintaining security in our cyberspace becomes increasingly important. We must protect our economic interests, reinforce our digital infrastructure, and continue building a safe digital future for Sweden.

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