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Anticipating Upgraded COVID-19 Vaccines in Sweden: A Calculated Move Against Eris Variant

Anticipating a Better Shield: Upgraded COVID-19 Vaccines to Arrive Soon

In light of the evolving pandemic and the presence of new COVID-19 strains, the Swedish Public Health Agency recommends waiting till October for a more potent form of the COVID-19 vaccine. The upgraded versions are believed to offer enhanced protection against the freshly-identified Eris variant.

Playing it Safe in the Face of a New Threat

Pandemic Sweden has recently seen a mild increase in COVID-19 cases, attributed to the novel Eris variant. The Public Health Agency, in response, has called upon individuals over 50 and those belonging to risk groups not to rush into obtaining their booster shots yet. Johanna Rubin, the head of unit at the Public Health Agency, advises waiting until the advent of improved vaccines in the country’s vaccination clinics.

“Then you get a vaccine with better protection against the new covid variants,” says Rubin.

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Shoring Up Individual and Societal Defences

The agency further suggests that individuals over 65 with two dosages already administered this year might need to consider another shot of the revamped vaccines. However, the decision would need personal assessment. Simultaneously, concerted campaigns during the fall and combined offers involving the flu vaccine are anticipated to positively impact vaccination coverage.

The War Isn’t Over Yet

The new vaccines, while not a guaranteed shield against infections, are predicted to lower the chances of falling severely ill or succumbing to the virus. As Rubin points out, risk groups and Mature adults  are used to receiving their annual flu shots. Therefore, the strategy of coinciding booster jabs with these visits could bolster vaccine uptake and make the process more convenient for the populace.

A total of eight million doses have been ordered, equally split between Pfizer and Novavax. Pending approval, the new vaccine batches should be ready by October, with the vaccination campaigns set to commence from the 7th of November.


Against the backdrop of ongoing health uncertainties, Sweden’s approach of adapting to newer data and adjusting vaccination strategy accordingly is intellectually appealing. It represents an orchestrated effort in navigating the complicated pandemic landscape. The move to hold out for an improved vaccine constitutes a calculated gamble that could make all the difference in combating the advancing Eris threat, thus painting a more hopeful picture this winter for our beloved expat community and beyond.


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