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RFSL: The Asylum Process for LGBTQ People is Against the Law


The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Rights (RFSL) recently released a report that reveals the asylum process for LGBTQ people in Sweden is not in line with Swedish and international law. The report is a follow-up to an investigation conducted in 2020 to see if any improvements had been implemented since then. The results from this investigation are concerning.

Key Findings
  • Applicants are expected to express specific feelings and reasoning regarding their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, such as guilt, shame and exclusion.
  • These requirements go against UNHCR guidelines, EU law, and regulations in the Swedish Extradition Act.
  • Migration Minister Maria Malmer Stenergard has acknowledged the issue and has stated that they have been working closely with RFSL since their 2020 legal investigation.
  • RFSL recommends that the Swedish Migration Agency improve existing legal sources and educational materials regarding credibility assessments of LGBTQI refugees.
  • They also recommend that LGBTQ people consider choosing another country for asylum if they have the opportunity.

The RFSL report highlights many concerning issues with the current asylum process for LGBTQ people in Sweden. The Swedish Migration Agency has implemented some improvements since their 2020 legal investigation, however more work needs to be done in order to ensure that everyone is being treated fairly and equally. Hopefully with further research and collaboration, we will see positive changes in this area soon.

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