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Current Affairs in Sweden: From Malmö to Stockholm

Hey there, folks! Let’s sit down with a fika and talk about what’s been going on in Sweden. The news cycle doesn’t sleep, and neither do we; hence, we’ve curated the latest and the most important news for you from Swedish dailies.

First off, we’ve got Malmö’s mayor, Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, slamming celebrations of Hamas’ attack on Israel. Not a pleasant start, I agree, but ‘despicable’ was the word the mayor used for anyone rejoicing in the manslaughter of civilians.

Quick Fun Fact: Malmö is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Sweden. Its residents have roots in over 180 different countries.

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In Stockholm, the police are playing their real-life version of Sherlock. They’re investigating a series of suspected arson attacks. Just imagine, within 1.5 hours, seven housing complexes were lit on fire. Thankfully no one got injured but the sudden mystery remains: who did it, and why?

“Pure coincidence?” asks police spokesperson Daniel Wikdahl. Probably not.

Skipping to a heartbreaking piece of news, a four-year-old Swedish girl lost her life in a Gaza airstrike, reported by the Swedish Arabic-language news site, Alkompis. An Israeli airstrike claimed the lives of this little angel, her sister, and their mother. We send our deepest condolences to her father and the entire grieving family.

And finally, the expat community has got a protest to do. Swedish work permit holders are all set to rally two protests against the government’s decision to double the required salary for permits. Now, if you’ve got a work permit or know someone who does, you might want to join the human chain demonstration or the one planned for later this week.

That’s it for our catch-up on the news, folks. Before we sign off, remember this this quintessential Swedish fact:

In Sweden, a coffee break is not just a routine. It’s an important social custom known as Fika.

Take a breather, have a fika, and remember- as an expat or a local, your voice matters in shaping the society. So, let’s stand up, or in this case ‘protest’, for what’s right. Stay informed, stay connected, and till we news ‘n chat again, stay safe!

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