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Addressing Unreported Honor-Based Oppression in Swedish Preschools

Introduction: Sweden Addresses Unreported Honor Oppression in Preschools

It’s no secret that summer in Sweden brings sunny days filled with laughter, long picnics, and kids running around in their vibrant summer dresses and shorts. However, not all children share the same freedom, and the issue of honor-based oppression is a challenge some children face, even within the safe confines of their preschools.

Unveiling the Issue of Honor-Based Oppression

A recent piece in a local Swedish paper paints a gloomy picture within the sunny Swedish summer landscape. In Malmo, girls are compelled to wear full-covering outfits during summer, while boys are seen trying to assert control over female staff members. This alarming situation is feared to be connected with honor-based oppression, a systematic issue that forces individuals, even children, to abide by a strict code of behaviour enforced by their families or communities.

“Just a single report related to honor-based oppression was filed by Malmo’s 195 municipal preschools during the first ten months of last year.”

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Despite the legal obligation to report any suspicion of children suffering from honor-based oppression, many preschools in Malmo seem to turn a blind eye. The reason? Staff members fear the repurcussions from the children’s parents.

Understanding the Root of the Fear

The problem is heightened because of a growing misconception. In 2021, a conspiracy theory campaign known as LVU suggested that the Swedish state arbitrarily confiscates the children from primarily Muslim parents. It is feared that this may have inadvertently influenced the reluctance of staff to report their concerns.

“Roughly one in five ninth-grade students in Malmo is forced to live according to honor norms, according to the city’s own survey.”

Consequences and Looking Ahead

The reluctance to report these issues has significant consequences. It may allow the normalization of harmful behaviors and limit the ability of professionals to protect children from honor-based oppression. This apparent neglect of duty by preschools places children at risk, and it is vital that measures are taken to ensure that children experiencing honor-based oppression get the help they need.

For our expat community in Sweden, it is vital to be aware of these issues in society and contribute meaningfully towards addressing them, starting with understanding and communicating openly about them.

In Conclusion

The sunny summers in Sweden should be a time of joy and freedom for everyone, children included. Confronting the issue of honor-based oppression in preschools is undoubtedly challenging but necessary. After all, no child should have to bear the brunt of cultural expectations to the point of personal discomfort or suffering. By shedding light on these issues, we can hopefully improve the situation, one small step at a time.

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