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Swedish Principal Resists Unethical Police Demand for Student Data

A Clashing of Ethics and Authority

Police Demand List of Mongolian Students

Swedish police demanded a list of Mongolian students from a school principal. They wanted the list to help them find a Mongolian teenager accused of a serious assault.

Principal Refused, Citing Ethical Concerns

The principal felt that the request was discriminatory and a violation of students’ privacy. She also pointed out that it would be illegal to share personal data without consent under the GDPR.

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Police Pressured Principal, But She Held Firm

The police tried to pressure the principal to comply, but she refused. They eventually visited the school to look through the class lists themselves.

Principal Filed Complaint with Ombudsman

The principal has since filed a complaint with the Ombudsman, an independent agency that investigates complaints against public officials.

Case Raises Questions About Data Protection and Law Enforcement

The case has highlighted the need for stronger data protection laws and the importance of educators upholding the rights and safety of their students. It also raises questions about the ethical limits of law enforcement and the potential for harm when personal data is collected without consent.

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