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Dead Killer Whale Found in Hunnebostrand, Sweden

A strong earthquake estimated to have a magnitude of 7.7 has occurred near New Caledonia in the Pacific Ocean, according to the American USGS. A tsunami warning has been issued within 1,000 kilometers of the quake’s epicenter. Waves one to three meters high could reach Vanuatu, while waves less than one meter high could reach Fiji and New Zealand, according to the US Tsunami Warning System.

On Thursday morning, the coast guard and police were contacted by a passerby who found a dead killer whale in Hunnebostrand, Sweden. The police have contacted the National Museum of Natural History, which decides what will happen to the animal next.

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The killer whale, which is the largest species in the dolphin family, can usually be observed on the west coast during the summer months, but rarely as early as May. In the North Atlantic, a male killer whale usually grows up to eight meters long, while females can reach a length of about six meters.

In Sweden, there are also several other types of dolphins. Among other things, it is usually possible to observe white-nosed dolphins and whiting if you stay around the North Sea or the Norwegian Sea. At the end of April, the police announced that a dead dolphin had been found on a beach in Varberg.

It is rare to see an orca anywhere else in Sweden than on the west coast, but it does happen that it moves further towards the Baltic Sea in the summers. However, certain other types of dolphins occur in the Baltic Sea. Among other things, it was reported that a bottlenose dolphin made it all the way up to Gävle in July 2020 .

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