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Eskilstuna Municipality Drug Testing Employees


Gang-related violence and shootings have hit Eskilstuna, Sweden hard. The violence has caused fear and concern, and the authorities have responded by deploying more police officers. The situation is a reminder of the challenges facing Sweden in its fight against gang violence. To address this issue, the municipality has proposed drug testing all 10,000 of its employees.

Proposed Drug Testing

The municipality believes that drug testing can help reduce drug use and deprive gangs of their money. The tests would be voluntary and, should an employee test positive, employers would have a responsibility to help them with addiction recovery. Drug testing is already commonplace in many Swedish companies, and refusal can sometimes result in reassignment or dismissal.

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Legal Challenges

However, employees of the public sector are protected against forced bodily interventions according to the Form of Government. This means that any drug testing in Eskilstuna would require a challenge to current laws.


The proposed drug testing in Eskilstuna municipality has sparked great debate. Although many companies already test their employees for drugs, those employed by the public sector are protected against forced interventions according to the Form of Government. If the municipality wants to proceed with their plan, they must challenge existing laws.

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