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Kenny Solomons to be Deported from Sweden After 11 Years

British Actor Kenny Solomons Faces Deportation After 11 Years in Sweden

After living and working in Sweden for 11 years, British actor and entrepreneur Kenny Solomons is facing deportation after failing to submit a form to the Swedish Migration Agency in time. His wife, Tess Merkel Solomons, is critical of the Swedish system due to the 60-day limit on Solomons’ tourist visa.

Swedish Migration System Criticized for 60-Day Tourist Visa Limit

The mistake was discovered last autumn when Solomons sent in the requested papers to the Migration Agency that all British citizens had to send in after Brexit. Since then, his family has not received a single response. With bills and mortgage payments that must be met, the couple is left with a difficult task of having to find a solution within the given timeframe.

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Couple Faces Difficult Task of Finding Solution Within Given Timeframe

“My husband is not allowed to work. Bills must be paid, mortgage. How-to? How can this be put together? We really have to turn our lives around,” says Tess Merkel Solomons. Despite their difficult situation, Tess Merkel emphasizes that her family is not one of the worst affected and that they have received a lot of support from those who have been in similar predicaments.

Family Receives Support from Those Who Have Been in Similar Predicaments

She believes there is an obvious flaw in the Swedish migration system that needs to be addressed. “It’s not about our special case. It’s about everyone,” she says. In the meantime, Tess and her family must find a way to make sense of their situation.

Tess Merkel Solomons Believes There is an Obvious Flaw in the Swedish Migration System

It can be difficult to make sense of bureaucratic systems such as those of migration. Faced with such a challenge, Tess Merkel Solomons and her family are doing their best to figure out solutions for their particular case while recognizing that theirs is not one of the worst predicaments.

Couple Remains Hopeful for the Future

Their story serves as an example for others who may find themselves in similar situations. It demonstrates how important it is for those affected by bureaucracy to seek out support from those who have gone through similar experiences. Despite their difficult situation, Tess Merkel Solomons and her family remain hopeful for the future.

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