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Renowned Swedish Policeman Nadim Ghazale Embarks on New Journey with Nattvandring.nu

A Policeman Bids Goodbye to the Uniform

After 17 years in uniform, one of Sweden’s most well-known policemen, Nadim Ghazale, is walking away from the profession. Starting the New Year, the Borås native will lead an army of 60,000 night walkers as part of the Nattvandring.nu Association.

Breaking the News

Feeling a sense of remorse, Ghazale, who just completed a lecture session for new immigrants about Swedish policing, says he will miss moments like those. He mentioned the social rewards he received from such encounters to have kept him going all these years.

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As he ponders his impending transition away from the police force, he acknowledges that there’s one part of the job he won’t miss – having to don the boat cap, a mandatory part of the uniform.

His New Journey

Beginning from the New Year, the renowned cop will leave his bureaucratic position to assume a socially impactful role as the operations chief for Nattvandring.nu. He’s hopeful about affecting more significant positive change in this role.

Being passionate about preventive policing, Ghazale expressed his concern over the diminishing resources year after year. In his words, “the uphill climb is steeper within the police force.”

Fact Block: Nadim Ghazale

Born in Lebanon in 1983, Ghazale moved to Sweden when he was seven years old. He has been serving as a policeman since 2006. Recognised for his expertise, he has made several appearances on SVT’s weekly crime show and had a summer talk on P1 2021.

His Accomplishments

In Borås, he’s been instrumental in building up the municipal police operation. He also enlightens newly-arrived Arabic-speaking inhabitants about the difference between Swedish police and the police in their homeland – underlining that “we are not operating with people being afraid of us.”

His Future Venture

Ghazale will be commuting weekly from Borås to the main office of Nattvandring.nu in Stockholm. He plans to continue his lecture efforts as a secondary job. However, one thing is for sure – there will be no more wearing of the boat cap.

In Conclusion

Though Ghazale will start his new job after half a year leave from the police authority, one remains to wonder what his new role will bring. His transition reminds us that sometimes, an alternative path can lead to broader social impact. After all, the goal is the same, ensuring safety, security and living in harmony. Is it a farewell to uniform or a hello to civil responsibility? Only time will tell!

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