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Swedish Jet Training Program for Ukrainian Pilots

Imagine being a pilot, taking off into the blue sky, with the roar of the engine in your ears. Now place that vision in Sweden. Yes, Ukraine’s pilot training shifted to Sweden recently, with pilots and ground crew getting a feel of the Swedish Gripen jets.

Getting a Grip on the Gripen Jets

The focus of the preliminary training targeted test flights using both the actual aircraft and simulators. Also, ground crew members participated in information sessions related to the foreign jets. The feedback? Well, according to Swedish Defence Minister Pål Jonson, “the training went well.” That’s definitely an asset when it comes to deciding whether Sweden can donate some of its Gripen jets to Ukraine.

“The orientation training has been completed and according to the report I received from the defence forces, the training went well”

Pål Jonson
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Planes, Politics, and Protection

President Volodymyr Zelensky has continuously reached out to Western allies, including Sweden, pleading for modern fighter jets to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian attack. The response has been hesitant due to the delicate political implications, such as fear of escalating the conflict and the massive task of training Ukrainian pilots. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place!

Donations flying left, right, and center

Not all countries are cautious about aiding Ukraine, though. Late August saw the announcement of Copenhagen and The Hague donating American F-16 jets to Kyiv. Even Oslo pitched in. The condition being, the planes will be delivered once the pilots are trained. It seems the learning curve is taking precedence here.


Despite the ripples the decision might cause in the political waters, the balance of objectivity and perspective stays intact in providing essential aid to Ukraine.

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