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Harsh Conditions & Low Morale at Russian Front Line

Harsh Conditions and Low Morale

The recent war between Russia and Ukraine has led to many reports of harsh conditions and low morale among the Russian soldiers. In November, reports surfaced of Russia deploying special anti-retreat forces to prevent fleeing soldiers. Now, a Russian soldier who spent several months at the front has spoken with CNN, giving a glimpse into the daily life of the Russian fortifications.

Sergej, whose real name is something else, told CNN that his unit could go days without food or water. In the winter, they melted snow for liquid.Sergej said that everyone in his unit had been injured multiple times. He himself had suffered nine concussions during eight months on the front. Last winter, he was shot in the leg, but he was sent back to the front after only ten days of treatment.

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Reports of Violence and Punishment

According to reports, soldiers were locked up in pits called zindans and even executed for punishment. Sergej confirms that he saw one man shot in the back of the head for stealing and shooting at their own soldiers. He also says that there were prisoners in his unit who had been recruited by the Wagner group. These prisoners were then sent to fight on the front lines. When he left the front, there were only 170 of these prisoners still alive. This suggests that the Wagner group had a high casualty rate among its prisoners.

The Reality of Life on the Russian Front

The reality of life on the Russian front is one of violence and hardship. Soldiers are expected to fight despite injuries, go days without food or water, and even face execution for minor infractions. It is a difficult situation for anyone to be in and these reports serve to remind us of the suffering endured by those in conflict zones around the world.

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