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2024: A Record-breaking Year for Global Democracy

A Mega Year for Democracy: Billions to Vote in 2024

Did you hear the hot off the press news? The year 2024 looks set to be a record-breaking year for democracy. According to the popular publication, The Economist, an astounding number of countries – 76 to be precise – plan to hold elections. That’s more than ever in a single year in history!

Elections Across the Globe

And it’s not just a regional phenomenon. From the US to the EU, Russia to India, billions of people worldwide will have their voice heard at the ballot boxes. To put that in perspective, countries holding elections make up over half of the world’s population. We’re talking about a whopping four billion inhabitants!

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Just as a side note to our expat friends here in Sweden, eight out of the world’s ten most populated countries will host elections. So whether you’re originally from Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, or the US, you’ll be able to join your home country’s democratic process.

Not All Roses

While this monumental voter turnout is something to write home about, it’s important to note that not all participating countries can assure free and independent elections. In fact, only 43 out of the 76 countries meet the criteria for fully democratic votes, according to a ranking report by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

“Countries like the US, Brazil and India are classified as flawed democracies, according to EIU.”


Let’s be real, some elections will undoubtedly generate more global buzz. Top of that list will likely be the United States. Speculation surrounds a potential rematch between Democrat Joe Biden and Republican Donald Trump. Any outcome of this election could have significant global implications.

As Swedish expats respectfully watching from the sidelines, it’s not just about the spectacle; it’s acknowledging the profound influence a superpower like the US has on world affairs – including right here in Sweden.

Then there’s Russia, whose elections rarely cause a stir due to predictable results and little expected change. Do keep an eye on India, though. As the world’s largest election, approximately one billion out of India’s 1.4 billion population are expected to be eligible to vote!

Not to be outdone, the European Parliament elections in June will also be the world’s second-largest electoral event. Expect significant debates around hot topics such as the fight against climate change and support for Ukraine.

Fellow Swedish expats, strap yourselves in for what I like to call a democratic rollercoaster ride! History is about to be made in 2024. Let’s watch, wait, and witness as nations across the globe strengthen or weaken their commitment to democracy. No matter the outcome, it’s guaranteed to be a journey to remember!

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