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Sweden News Roundup: NATO Membership, Central Bank Woes, Synagogue Security, and Bomb Attacks

Greetings, friend! Bit of a news roundup from Sweden coming your way.

NATO and Sweden: What’s the Hold-up?

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering when Sweden will finally join NATO. Seems even the Swedish Prime Minister, Ulf Kristersson himself is a bit clueless. The thing is, this protocol thingy which President Erdogan of Turkey belatedly signed, still has to pass through a slew of committees. And that can take time. But the big question is Hungary. They said they won’t vote on Sweden’s membership until after November 6th. Guess they don’t want to be the last to ratify Sweden’s membership. Little bit of drama there, eh?

Fun fact: The NATO foreign ministers are set to meet in Brussels on November 28th-29th, and that’s being buzzed about as a potential date for Sweden’s membership. We’ll have to wait and see.

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Sweden’s Central Bank: Pennies in the Piggy Bank?

Moving on, did you hear about the Riksbank – Sweden’s central bank? They’re in a bit of a spot. Somehow, they managed to lose 80 billion kronor last year, and now they’re in the hole for 18 billion. And they want more money – an injection of 80 billion kronor, to be precise – to put their house in order. So why the loss? Apparently, the rise in interest rates decreased the value of the bonds they purchased between 2015 and 2021. Economic mumbo-jumbo aside, they say this won’t really affect their ability to conduct monetary policy in the short term. Fingers crossed on that!

Security Boost for Swedish Synagogues and Jewish Schools

In other news, it seems the Swedish right-wing coalition government and the Sweden Democrats are teaming up to provide security funding worth ten million to the Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities. This gesture to enhance security comes in the wake of increased concerns post the Hamas’ terror attack on Israel. A further 30 million kronor increase in the security funding pool is also anticipated next year.

Did you know? After the recent attacks, there’s been a wave of fear in the Jewish community, with some parents refusing to leave their children at Jewish schools.

Boom! Sweden and Bomb Attacks

Finally, on a not-so-happy note, Sweden just broke the unfortunate record for the highest number of bomb attacks in a year, with 139 attacks so far. Most of these attacks are reportedly linked to gang conflicts in major cities.

Here’s a fact likely to make your eyebrows shoot up: Police have been keeping records of bomb attacks since 2018, and there were a whopping 6 more attacks this year than in the previous record year, 2019!

As someone living in Sweden, it’s good to stay informed on the local happenings – they do affect us, after all. Let’s hope for safer, more peaceful times ahead. Catch you on the next news round-up!

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