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Security threat triggers evacuation in Uppsala’s Stenhagen district

Uppsala Residents Evacuated Amidst Security Threat

Coming on the heels of recent shootings in the area, Uppsala police have evacuated residents in the Stenhagen district after the discovery of a suspicious object. The incident effectively adds to the growing tension in a place expatriates have lately been calling home.

The Discovery

The suspicious object was discovered at about 2:30 PM outside a Stenrösvägen residence door. However, police spokesman Hans-Jörgen Oestler could not affirm whether the object was found outside or in a stairwell.

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Evacuation & Investigation

In a swift response, the police cordoned off the building area and ordered residents to evacuate their houses. Presently, we are unsure about the number of people affected by this safety measure. The police did not comment if the bomb squad had been summoned, only revealing that the incident is being investigated as an attempt at public destruction.

Among the four shootings in Uppsala in the past week, two occurred in the Stenhagen district.

Oestler humbly noted the timing but said that it was too early to draw any connection between these incidents. The immediate concern is discerning whether this is indeed a dangerous object.

A Personal Account

One woman, who lives in the affected area, recounted that she first saw the police establishing barriers in their block before she was instructed to leave her apartment with her child and dog. She disclosed that numerous patrol units arrived in the meantime.

The police informed residents that evacuation was necessary given the potential for an immediate explosion. The woman shared that the situation was scary and made her genuinely afraid for the first time.


Although it’s too early to attach this incident with the recent shootings, the implication for many expatriates living in Stenhagen is clear—safety has become an erratic guest. It raises questions and concerns that public officials and law enforcement must address swiftly to preserve this Swedish district’s tranquility. This incident exposes the shared responsibility of the immigrant community and the Swedish authorities in fostering a safe and secure neighborhood.

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