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Extreme Norwegian Storm ‘Ingunn’ Shuts Down Bodø: A Warning for Swedish Expats

Nasty Norwegian Storm Shuts Down Bodø: A Warning to Swedes Abroad

If you’re an expat in Sweden with plans to visit Norway, beware the weather! This morning, the Norwegian police shut down Bodø’s city center due to an extreme storm, aptly named, ‘Ingunn’, that’s currently gripping Norway.

Make No Mistake: This is not just another storm

The storm, edging towards hurricane strength, is so severe that it’s life-threatening to venture outdoors. At 10.30am, the Norweigan police made the decision to barricade the entire city center, fearing for the safety of the public. Simultaneously, an emergency text was dispatched to all locals, urging them not to step out considering the imminent danger.

“The danger to life and health from being outdoors is too great. We request residents to respect barricades and follow the advice to stay indoors.” Nordland Police on X.

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Yes, they’re not just suggesting, but practically begging, the residents to stay safe indoors. There’s a chilling sense of urgency, and it highlights just how dangerous the situation is.

Storm Chaos: From blown-out windows to city-wide evacuation

The intense gusts of wind are wreaking havoc in the city, with multiple windows blown out from a local hotel. On the scene, a police officer reported that staying in the city is impossible making the officials take the drastic measure of evacuating the entire city.

“You can’t be here; we’re evacuating the whole city.” Bodø Police Officer on VG.

It’s clear that this storm isn’t a matter to be taken lightly and has the potential to affect neighboring countries including us here in Sweden.

To our Expat Community: Stay Safe, Stay Updated

For those in the expat community with loved ones in Norway or personal travel plans, keep abreast of news updates and prioritize safety above all else. Extreme weather can strike anywhere, anytime. This storm should remind us to stay aware, prepared, and most importantly, indoors.

Ingunn Storm Makes its Mark: A Reminder of Nature’s Power

This is a vivid reminder that while we can’t control the weather, we can control how we respond to it. As the community grapples with the terrifying strength of Ingunn, we send our thoughts to our Norwegian friends and hope for a swift and safe resolution to this extreme weather event.

Stay safe, stay informed and keep an eye on Ingunn.

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