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AI Revolution in Swedish Gaming Industry

“AI Takes the Gaming World by Storm”

Hey there, buddies, buckle in because I’ve got some pretty whopping news hot off the Swedish press. One of their pioneer gaming companies, Mindark, just made a move that’s bound to blow your socks off. Yup, they’ve chosen to replace half their crew with smart robots, officially termed as Artificial Intelligence (AI). That’s right, folks, 25 jobs have been traded in for this flashy new tech.

The AI switch: The What and The Why

So, here’s the deal. Mindark’s been looking at ways to smarten up their operation, to cruise along that highway of smooth workflow and set their sails back towards the joyous island of dividends for their shareholders. Ever the eagle-eyed, CEO Henrik Nel Jerkrot spotted the gleaming possibilities of AI. A little bird (actually, it was Kollega [Link] – a Swedish news outlet) spilled the beans in a recent report.

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The question begs, why turn towards AI? Well, one man strongly believes in the power of AI – Per Strömbäck, the official mouthpiece for the Swedish Games Industry. He believes its nature is dual-faceted; it can either supersize ambitions within the same budget or cut costs while maintaining the current workload.

“Many are Losing their Jobs, What Will happen to them?”

Ah, I hear you. The move sounds flashy, but what happens to the people who lost their jobs? Well, right now, they might be exploring their right to Swedish unemployment benefits. You can also check if you’re eligible over here [Link].

In conclusion, the gaming world is fast becoming a playground for tech advancements. All we can do is adapt and join the ride. Here’s hoping Mindark’s gamble with AI pays off and brings an exciting new era in gaming- for the creators and the players.

“AI is the way of the future in gaming. Its potential is vast, enabling companies to up their game or trim their budget,” says Per Strömbäck, spokesperson, Swedish Games Industry.

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