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Swedish Psychiatrist Advocates for Asylum Seekers’ Offspring

A Plea for the Young and Vulnerable

Swedish psychiatrist Lars Ullerstam breaks the silence and calls on the authorities to rethink their stance regarding asylum seekers and their offspring, who are being separated and facing horrendous predicaments often unaccounted for.

Deportation Dilemma

Lars points out a practice that evokes concern and demands immediate attention. The Swedish Migration Agency, for years, allegedly been deporting mothers, leaving their infant children behind. It’s a status quo that goes against the principles outlined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. As much as we appreciate Sweden’s strict immigration laws, this revelatory piece calls into question whether the ‘one size fits all’ law is practically viable for every situation.

“The Alien Act states that a residence permit can only be granted if the application is made before entering Sweden. This has led to the Migration Agency, in violation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, separating babies from their mothers.”

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Ripple Effects

It’s critical to understand the catastrophic aftermath of separating infants from their mothers. Losing a mother is amongst the worst things that can happen to an infant. The acute phases of severe grief are deeply distressing, leading to disturbed personality development. Indeed, the impact on the baby’s mental and emotional development can be significant and long-lasting, even if the baby finds a new mother.

Tale of Ignoring International Obligations

There’s a growing sense of worry that Sweden might be ignoring the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Article 9 of the convention obliges state parties to ensure that no child is separated from his parents against his best interests through any actions by the authorities. Unfortunately, it seems Sweden might be turning a blind eye to the systematic separation caused by the deportation of mothers.

The Future Depends on Us

This is more than just a procedural issue. It’s about lives that are being shaped and perhaps damaged irreversibly. We, as individuals living in this safe haven of Sweden, ought to raise our voices against unjust practices. Be it for the Swedish government and the Migration Bureau to review their policies concerning asylum seekers, especially involving pregnant women and mothers. The suffering, the disturbed development, the reduced quality of life, and psychological damage to these babies is a price too steep for us to ignore any further.

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