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Ukraine’s Soldiers Face Cold and Diminishing Support in Ongoing Conflict

Tough Times for Ukraine’s Soldiers: Battling Cold and Hardships

Shivers, weariness, frustration. Ukraine is trudging its second war-winter and soldiers testify to a grim outlook on life.

Locked in Position: Ukrainian Soldiers’ Struggle

The battlefield largely remains frozen and has been so for 22 grueling months. Amidst diminishing international support, there is a palpable increase in open frustration amongst the soldiers. A trooper aptly named, “Boxer” put it this way, “It’s harder and colder. I’m not alone in feeling this; many units share the same sentiment.”

“Russia controls over a fifth of Ukraine’s territory.”

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Diminishing Support: A Cause for Dismay

The dwindling support from the U.S. and delayed aid from the EU are key contributors to the gloomy atmosphere. Richard Barrons, a former British general, and defense expert summarises the hardships of Ukrainians saying, “They have struggled on the battlefield during the year and they know the Russians’ tactics have improved.”

The U.S. has already provided over 111 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine. President Joe Biden is pushing for an additional 60 billion dollars; however, Republican congressmen are obstructing the aid.

“The EU failed in negotiating economic aid worth 50 billion euros.”

Murmurs of Discontent: Even in Kiev’s Corridors of Power

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky questions the assessment of Chief Commander Valerij Zaluzjnyj about the war reaching a stalemate. Criticism has been levelled at Zelensky, too, with Mayor Vitalij Klytjko arguing that the President holds too much power.

Discontent bleeds into other aspects of the military where criticism targets the ineffective bureaucratic system hindering Ukraine’s combat capability. Training drone pilots, a critical element in the war theatre, has been frustratingly slow due to cumbersome bureaucracy.

Soldier Konstatin Denisov claims, “It took over seven months to get the necessary paperwork from several state agencies to train up 75 men. We wasted time on nothing.”

According to Denisov, several units lack soldiers and drone repairs are delayed, hampering Ukrainian operations on the battlefield.

Buckling Up For The Fight Ahead

Despite the grim outlook, Ukraine’s Defense Minister Rustem Umerov doesn’t share the sentiment of a shortage in manpower and weapons. He states confidently, “We are capable and have the ability to defend our people, and that we will do.”

However, the upcoming months look set to be a challenge. With momentum in favor of Russia after Ukraine’s questionable counter-offensive, the forecast is that next winter, the Russian army will try to penetrate deeper into eastern Ukraine. For Ukraine, the focus is to lose as little ground as possible.

“Winter’s main objective is to lose as few people as possible. We must be clear – it will not be possible to liberate Donetsk or Bachmut as the opponents are too many”, says a soldier, who calls himself Parker.


With international eyes watching and expats in Sweden and elsewhere feeling the tension, Ukraine’s soldiers brave the cold, hoping for a respite, even as their situation highlights the complexity of international politics, raw human courage, and obstacles of war logistics. It’s a rough winter, but they stand tall, reminding us all of their sheer resilience.

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