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The Most Beautiful Gas Station With High Prices

The Beautiful Abisko Gas Station: Pricey, But Unmissable

As the snow-dusted mountains loom in the distance, the indigo blue waters of Torneträsk ripple in the breeze. It is hard to imagine that there are many gas stations in Sweden that boast a more stunning view than the tiny pump station in Abisko. But despite its alluring location, it is also one of the most expensive gas stations in the country. Nevertheless, it survives, even during a food shortage, as visitors from all over Europe – and beyond – flock to its pumps.

Kari Jauhiainen from Finland: “It’s Very Expensive”

Kari Jauhiainen from Lahti doesn’t seem to notice the beauty of his surroundings. He is too busy trying to get his Finnish debit card to agree with the gas pump. After much effort, he eventually succeeds – but he is not impressed by the prices.

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“It’s very expensive. Much more expensive than in Finland,” he says. “But we started to run out of gas. Here in the corners, you don’t want to take any chances. In Norway, it’s even more expensive, I’ve heard.”

Klaus and Martina Wolf, who have traveled from Dresden, are less shocked by the cost of a fill-up. “It’s about the same prices as back home in Germany,” Klaus says with a shrug. “It’s expensive all over Europe with fuel now.”

Heidi Tapio: “It’s Worth Its Weight in Gold”

Heidi Tapio is the manager of the store that is adjacent to the deli. She explains that the high prices are due to transportation costs: “It costs to get the soup here. Macken is away from most things. Basically, there is only wonderful nature here.” The nearest pub is eight miles northwest in Bjerkvik, Norway.

At the same time, Tapio says that the isolated location is essential for their success: “When DN is visiting, there is sometimes a queue at the pump, and then the high season hasn’t even started… It’s worth its weight in gold.”

The store has an international clientele – people come from Norway, Finland, Germany, Italy and Asia – and many visitors to the pump station also visit the store. Especially popular are candy and soft drinks; some Norwegian customers drive away with half an ocean of sugar-free drinks due to their country’s sugar tax.

Gunnar Fjärdbo: Prefers Refueling in Kiruna

Out in the parking lot, Gunnar Fjärdbo slowly makes his way towards his Volvo. He has lived in Abisko for 72 years but prefers to refuel in Kiruna instead – nine miles away – as he finds it “much too expensive” at Macken.


So what makes Macken Abisko so popular? Despite its high prices – or perhaps because of them – its isolated location makes it a destination of choice for many travelers from around Europe and beyond who want to fill up their tanks before making their way across country or northwards into Norway. Its beautiful location is simply an added bonus!

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