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Overcoming the Struggle for Personal ID Numbers in Sweden

Introducing the Issue: Personal ID Numbers in Sweden

Hej, friend! Have you ever been caught in the tightly-woven net of Swedish bureaucracy? It’s a common problem, especially among expats, and it goes back to rules about personal identification numbers in Sweden. You see, under Swedish law, foreign citizens need to show they’ll be in Sweden for a year or more to get a personal number. Having this number is your key to life in Sweden, used for nearly everything from opening bank accounts to signing up for phone contacts or even joining supermarket loyalty schemes!

Knowing the Facts and Figures

Over the years, the European Parliament has gotten 13 petitions against Sweden on this pesky little issue. Among these are five from Germans, one from a Spaniard, a Dane, a Dutch, an Italian, and two from Brits. Another complaint was raised in 2017 by the EU Rights Clinic, citing almost 300 cases of EU nationals who were refused their personal numbers. According to Anthony Valcke, founder of the EU Rights Clinic, the refusal contradicts EU movement rules. “EU citizens should be considered resident after living in Sweden for over three months”, he points out.

Quotable Quotes:

“EU citizens should be considered resident after living in Sweden for over three months.” – Anthony Valcke

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The Human Element

Several petitioners have shared their struggles due to the absence of a personal number. Ronald Huth from Germany pointed out that even the alternative, a ‘coordination number’, still denies access to necessary services. Kevin Ribeiro Torquetti from Italy experienced the frustration of living for over a year and a half in Sweden before getting a personal number. That much delay meant considerable trouble registering for the Swedish for immigrants course and healthcare services, to name a few.

Possible Solutions

In view of all the inconvenience, Valcke suggests a simple solution—every EU citizen with a right to reside in Sweden should be given a personal number. Additionally, there are hopes that a new Swedish law implemented on September 1, 2023, might help address the issue. The law allows anyone with a connection to Sweden to avail of the “coordination number,” which would then have similar functions to the personal number.

We’re not there yet, though. The issue is still open as far as the European Parliament is concerned, and they can return to it at a later date. In the meantime, EU citizens who have encountered problems with obtaining personal numbers can reach out to the Solvit centre at Sweden’s National Board of Trade for assistance.

So, friend, if you’re settling into the beautiful and ordinarily calm life that Sweden offers, don’t be deterred by these hurdles. Brighter days are hopefully ahead! Just remember to always be proactive about your rights and keep pushing for clear and fair rules for everyone calling Sweden their home.

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