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Swedish Language Test & Integration: Permanent Residence

The Swedish Language Test and Exam: Promoting Integration

The Swedish language test and exam about Swedish society are vital components of the permanent residence permit application process in Sweden. These tests are designed to promote integration and evaluate an individual's listening comprehension skills. The test will consist of multiple-choice questions, primarily focusing on spoken Swedish. The proposal aims to test candidates' ability to understand everyday conversations, instructions, and essential information about life in Sweden.

Language Requirement: Level A2 on the CFR Scale

The proposed language test would be based on level A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CFR). This level shows that candidates have basic language skills as beginners. It ensures that they can understand common expressions, sentences about personal information, and basic instructions for everyday activities. It also covers fundamental knowledge about living and working in Sweden, as well as an understanding of individual rights and responsibilities.

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Test Structure and Cost

Each language test would consist of two parts, each lasting 50 minutes, making a total of 100 minutes per test. The proposed cost for each test, which includes the language part and the civic cards, would be 700 kronor. In total, both tests would amount to 1400 kronor.

Candidates can retake the tests if they fail a particular section. This structure emphasizes the importance of language proficiency and integration for individuals seeking permanent residence in Sweden.

Comparison with Other Countries

When compared to similar tests in other countries, the Swedish language test aligns with international standards. By adopting the CFR scale, Sweden ensures that individuals meet a reasonable language requirement for integration. The proposed test wants to find a balance between being fast to implement and keeping high-quality standards. It aims to be implemented by July 2027.

Importance of Language and Society Knowledge

It's crucial for people who want to live and work in Sweden permanently to learn the Swedish language and have basic knowledge about Swedish society. Understanding the language and cultural nuances fosters a deeper connection with the local community and enhances overall integration. High-skilled individuals often emphasize that learning Swedish is key to comprehending the culture and establishing roots in Sweden.

Improving Language Classes: Ensuring Quality

To address concerns regarding uneven quality in state-funded Swedish for Immigrants (SFI) language classes, the government is committed to improving these programs. A recent report highlighted that a significant number of providers did not meet the required standards. The responsibility to rectify this issue lies with the community and the Minister for Integration. Efforts will be made to ensure that SFI classes maintain consistent quality, offering comprehensive language training for immigrants.


Sweden wants to help people integrate and understand its language and culture. They have proposed a Swedish language test and an exam about Swedish society. If these requirements are put in place for people who want to stay in Sweden permanently, it will give them the opportunity to learn Swedish, gain important knowledge about society, and feel more connected to Sweden. This is not just good for immigrants; it also makes society more inclusive and peaceful for everyone.

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