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Return to Örnsköldsvik: A Journey of Love, Loss, and Self-Discovery

Return to Örnsköldsvik: A Journey Back in Memory

A Forgotten Love and a Hated Town

Emma Bouvin, a journalist for Dagens Nyheter, recounts her bitter-sweet journey back in memory to a town she had once called home – the small Swedish town of Örnsköldsvik. It was a place associated with a painful past, a ‘great love’ that ended over an apartment advertisement, and years of solitude and professional challenges. Yet after 18 years, she finds herself returning, questioning whether one can truly reconcile with their past.

A Love that Drove Her North

Eighteen years ago, Emma had moved to Örnsköldsvik, driven by the force of love. She abandoned the warmth of summer and her budding journalism career in the South, accepting a job in the local newspaper in this paper mill town just to be close to the person she loved. But the darkness of winter, her night shifts at work, the smell of sulphate, and her mounting loneliness took a toll on her.

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An Abrupt End

The loneliness was exacerbated by her growing jealousy and the increasing distance from her partner. The relationship ended when Emma found an apartment ad indicating her ‘great love’ had found a new love from Örnsköldsvik herself. She vowed never to return again.

The Unforeseen Return

However, life had other plans. Emma was forced to return when the new man she loved expressed his doubts about his feelings for her. Additionally, she was sent back on an assignment to the northern town where she had once lived a different life.

No More Hatred, No More Pain

Even though Emma’s return journey was filled with low expectations, to her surprise, the hatred and pain she expected to feel on returning to Örnsköldsvik did not overwhelm her. In the face of her children’s innocent admiration for the town, she found that she could view it without hatred.

Västerbron: A Year of Unfulfillment

The Discontent

Marking its one year, cyclists express their dissatisfaction with the new cycle lanes on the Västerbron in Stockholm. The rough, uneven pavement troubles them, and they claim that their concerns are being ignored.

The Future

With a renovation planned for the next year, the problems faced by cyclists might soon be addressed. However, for now, the cyclists continue voicing their displeasure, hoping that their concerns will not be brushed aside.


In the end, both Emma’s moving story and the Västerbron issue remind us that a place, like a person, cannot be defined solely by past experiences. They can change, evolve, and sometimes, surprise us.

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