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High Flows in Halland Watercourses, Sweden

Red Weather Warning for High Flows in Halland Watercourses

Expat living in Sweden have been warned of a Red Weather Warning due to high flows in Halland’s smaller watercourses. Storm Hans has abated, but residents should remain Alert for Potential Floods. According to SMHI, these flows occur on average only every 50 years, and can cause High Current Speeds and Flooding near waterways. The warning applies mainly to Smaller Watercourses, and not the larger rivers in Halland. Fylleån, which flows into Laholmsbukten south of Halmstad, is expected to reach a Yellow-Orange Warning Level.

Storm Hans Abates, But Residents Should Remain Alert
Stefan Borgman, acting director of preparedness at Halland’s County Administrative Board, confirms that problems have arisen mainly around the Smaller Watercourses. Floodwaters have caused Closed Roads and Railway Lines, primarily affecting freight traffic. Lennart Gustafsson, who lives near Ätran in Falkenberg, says that the water has risen above its usual level. In Kungsbackaån and its surrounding areas, the water is also expected to remain High in the Coming Days.
Floodwaters Close Roads and Railways

The Swedish Transport Administration reported Flooding on the E6 motorway at the Kungsbacka north exit and Flooding under the railway viaduct at Fjärås station. Emergency services also reported a passenger car driving off the road due to Hydroplaning. Residents are advised to Avoid These Areas Until Further Notice. SMHI also warns that more rainfall could affect these water levels.

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Water Levels Expected to Remain High in Coming Days

Residents of Halland should remain Vigilant of potential flooding as they are at risk of storms and heavy rainfalls. Be sure to Stay Up-to-Date on any warnings or notifications from SMHI or the County Administrative Board. Monitor Your Local Waterways for any signs of flooding and take necessary precautions if needed. If you find yourself in a situation requiring help or assistance, Contact the Emergency Services Immediately.

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