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Sweden’s Strategic Move Towards NATO Membership: The Hungary Connection

A Chat with the PM: Sweden’s Entry into NATO and the Hungary Angle

Hello! Have you heard about the latest news around Sweden’s bid to enter NATO? Just a bit of a primer, NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a political and military alliance formed by Western countries. Now let’s delve into the juicy details from a recent Swedish news article.

Sweden Soon to Join NATO?

In a recent TV4 Nyhetsmorgon interview, Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson confirmed that Sweden would be a member of NATO “very soon”. Surprising, isn’t it? It’s indeed a significant shift in Sweden’s foreign policy which historically always remained neutral. Now you might be wondering why suddenly this NATO topic is up for discussion. Well, it’s an interesting story indeed, let me fill you in.

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Apart from Kristersson’s announcement, another key event is that he has been invited to Budapest by Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. He happily accepted it but signaled that it’s not to negotiate NATO membership. Maybe he wants to enjoy some authentic Hungarian goulash? Who knows!

“I’d gladly go to Budapest, it’s just about finding a date. Given our packed schedules, it’s not something that can be arranged promptly,” quipped the PM, as per TV4 broadcasting.

The Aircraft Leverage

Kristersson also pointed out that the two leaders will meet in Brussels next week at an EU summit. There, the leasing of the Jas 39 Gripen fighter jets by Hungary from Sweden for nearly 20 years could be a key discussion point. Intriguing, huh?

According to Anders Blomqvist, a researcher at Uppsala University and lecturer at Dalarna University, these aircraft serve as a kind of pressure tool. His assertion was that Sweden could indicate needing the aircraft back for Ukraine’s ongoing war.

NATO: No Negotiations but Collaboration

However, Kristersson firmly stated that he won’t negotiate with Orbán regarding NATO membership. Still, he mentioned that they can discuss how they best cooperate within NATO, like flight operations.

Unlike the previous Swedish stance, the PM now expects membership to happen in the near future, stating to TV4, “Very soon, we’re talking about a short time.”

The Final Step: Hungary’s Approval

Hungary is the only remaining country to ratify Sweden’s NATO membership application. Hungary’s parliament is currently on winter recess until February 26, but it could be summoned early if there’s a majority vote.

Interestingly enough, Orbán seems supportive, having confirmed just a week ago that Hungary is set to ratify Sweden’s NATO membership.

Conclusion: An Exciting Turn of Events

It’s indeed an exciting turn of events in the arena of international diplomacy. Historically neutral, Sweden’s determined path toward NATO membership, and how this journey intersects with Hungary, is making headlines.

But remember, international politics is a complex game of chess. As we wait for Hungary’s approval, let’s keep an eye on the developments surrounding Sweden’s strategic move to join NATO!

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