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Get Ready for Winter Travel: Train Tickets with SJ Now Available for Booking

Gearing up for Winter Travel: Booking Train Tickets with SJ Now Possible

Got your winter plans ready? Listen up folks, Sweden’s leading train operator SJ has announced that train tickets for the winter season and right up until Easter are now up for grabs. But be informed, there are routes still in the planning phase, so you might need to wait for a bit.

Book Now, Travel Later!

Trips scheduled between the 10th of December and the 8th April are now available for purchase. It means all you proactive planners can lock in your tickets for Christmas, sports holidays, and Easter. But hold on, if you’re aiming to hit up Åre over Christmas, you’ll note that certain departures are still unbookable.

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Martina Nord, Press Officer at SJ, explains, quoting,

“If the journey includes a transfer, it could be because the second company has not yet released its tickets”.

Nord also noted that for journeys exclusively operated by SJ, the delay could be due to pending schedules from Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration).

System Upgrades on the Horizon

Interestingly, along with this ticket release, SJ dropped some news on an upcoming change. They’re going to switch their booking system in the spring. According to SJ, this should let them release tickets for longer sales periods than currently possible.

But here’s the kicker – during a transition period, when you book tickets departing from the 29th of January onward, you won’t be able to choose refundable tickets as an option. Instead, the choices will be “repayable” and “non-repayable” tickets. It basically means that under the new category, the customer can cancel their trip and have their money refunded, provided cancellation takes place before the train’s departure.


So there you have it, folks – start planning and get those wagon wheels rolling. Remember, a well-prepared traveler is a happy traveler! Enjoy the chill of Sweden’s winter and the hustle-bustle of Easter, all with the click of a button. Happy travels!

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