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The Science Behind Brewing the Perfect Coffee

The Perfect Grind: Scientifically Brewing the Best Coffee

Have you ever pondered the nuances of grinding coffee for the best espresso? Clearly, scientists have too! For coffee lovers in Sweden and, of course, expats like us, new research offers interesting insights on how to brew that perfect cup of joe.

All About the Grind – Literally!

Researchers from Portland State University have discovered that a little splash of water added to coffee beans before grinding can reduce the static electricity which causes coffee particles to clump and stick to a grinder. This not only reduces wastage – a significant concern for the coffee industry – but also intensifies the brew’s flavour and body. Quite a win for us coffee addicts, huh?

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Beans, Roasts, and… Volcanoes?

Why did scientists enlist a volcano expert for this study, you might wonder? Well, the electricity that forms when coffee is ground is similar to that produced during a volcanic eruption. Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

During this investigation, the team compared different beans, roasts and moisture content, and found that the bean’s country of origin had no impact. However, the roast, bean colour, and level of moisture did.

“It sounds a bit like a joke – a coffee expert and a volcanologist walk into a bar and come out with a research article,” says Joshua Méndez Harper, one of the researchers.

Clearly, nothing surpasses the results of previous scientific research methods – brainstorming over pints!

The Bang for Your Brew

You’re probably excited to test this out tomorrow. But there’s a small caveat: this tip likely won’t have the same effect if using a French press, because the ground coffee remains in contact with the water for an extended period.

Even so, this newfound knowledge could potentially save the coffee industry huge amounts in waste reduction. Especially when considering that the American coffee market alone is valued at $340 billion!

Did You Know?
It doesn’t matter what kind of coffee you love – from strong espressos to crowd-pleasing lattés – coffee has caffeine, one of the world’s most consumed stimulants!

Wrapping up the Coffee Talk

In summary, coffee is a lot more than just a beverage. It’s an art, a science, and for many trying to make it through the day, a saviour. So, expat coffee lovers, next time you’re brewing up a storm in your kitchen, remember – a little splash of water could elevate your coffee from ordinary to extraordinary! To quote Harper again, “Researchers from different fields need to collaborate more”. Stay curious, folks! Cheers to loving our next cup, or rather the ‘next grind,’ a little more.

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