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Tribute to Bashir: The Tragic Accident that Shook Sweden’s Construction Sector

Bashir’s Broken Dream

Often we hear news of tragic accidents, and it doesn’t hit home until we learn about the lives that were plucked away. Today let’s bring attention to a tragedy that shook the Swedish construction sector, particularly the life of a young man named Bashir.

An Exemplar of Hope and Resolution

Bashir was a welder who came to Sweden in 2015, underage and alone, from Afghanistan. He dreamed of Swedish citizenship and a reunion with his wife. His life was brutally cut short in an elevator crash at a construction site in Ursvik last week, a horrific accident that claimed five lives.

“Yesterday, the police confirmed that Bashir was among those who passed away.” – Elisabet Rundqvist, a close friend.

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Friends remember Bashir as a young man full of energy, positivity, and determination. He had learned welding in Afghanistan, a skill that he upgraded in Sweden, enabling him to earn a living and establish himself faster than others who came with him.

“I spoke to his instructor who said, ‘this guy is incredibly good and just needs to fine-tune his skills.’ That’s how quickly he got certified and got a job after that.” – Elisabet Rundqvist.

Beyond the Accident

The accident occurred when a construction lift from a height of over 20 meters plunged to the ground. Eight days have since passed, investigations are still ongoing, and there’s still a veil of uncertainty over the cause of the crash.

On Monday, a minute of silence was observed on all construction sites in Sweden to honor the deceased.

“Everyone is trying to move on in some way. But for us in the company management, it’s hard. We don’t know if Ursvik will start again or if anyone wants to work there anymore.” – Henrik Spinnars, production manager at Bashir’s company.

Counting the Cost

Bashir’s loss is more significant than statistics can convey. He touched many lives, filled their hearts with his infectious energy, and left an indelible mark on those who knew him. His friends mourn his untimely departure, regretting the lost potential and shattered dreams.

“His dream was to bring his wife here. But that dream died with him on 11th December.” – Elisabet Rundqvist.

As expats in Sweden, we’re reminded of the vital role we play in the heart of this society. Our dreams, hopes, and the reality of our sacrifices are the threads that weave this multicultural fabric. Despite the tragic accident, let’s take a moment to honor Bashir’s memory and reflect on the impact we make, one interaction at a time.

Elevator Accident in Ursvik – the Facts

– On the morning of December 11, an accident occurred on a construction site in Ursvik, Sundbyberg. A construction elevator crashed from over 20 meters height.
– Initially, both police and prosecutors described the damage to the victims as serious. The next day, it was confirmed that five people had died.
– The Work Environment Authority, the police, and the Statutory Accident Commission are investigating the accident.
– The manufacturer of the involved elevator, Alimak, announced days after the incident that their experts found “significant deviations” in the installation of the elevator.

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