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Swedish Handball Coach’s Joke Spurs Airport Evacuation

Swede’s “Bomb Joke” Causing Airport Evacuation

In a surprising turn of events, a Swedish passenger instigated an unexpected turn of events at Copenhagen Airport this summer, causing quite a buzz amongst expats here in Sweden. Pontus Wiklund, a coach of Sweden’s national handball team, stirred the waters when he joked about his bag of balls being a bomb. Quite a scene, huh?

An Unfortunate Joke

While on his way to an international competition, Wiklund was innocently asked about the contents of his bag. Instead of a straightforward “handballs,” he playfully responded with “a bomb.” I guess we’ll never know if he wished he could take it back instantly, but you can be sure this joke didn’t sit well with the airport authorities.

According to broadcaster TV2, the judge stated, “We think you must have realized that it is more than likely that if you say the word ‘bomb,’ it will be perceived as a threat.”

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The Consequences

As you’d expect, his harmless comment prompted an immediate evacuation of the airport terminal, and soon enough, Wiklund found himself in handcuffs. A day out with the team took a detour when a joke unfortunately misfired. Talk about a day to remember!

Still, our man made amends, admitting his mistake and apologizing publically on his club’s website.

In a statement, he mentioned, “I completely lost my judgement for a short time and made a joke about something you really shouldn’t joke about, especially in that place.”

The Verdict

Our Swedish coach’s defense of his joke not sitting well with the court officials. The public prosecutor, Christian Brynning Petersen, told the court that humor doesn’t sanctify the severity of the claim.

“This is not something we regard with humor in the Danish legal system,” Petersen noted.

This tale does seem to fit that old adage – it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye… or, causes an airport evacuation in this case!

Lessons Learnt

Not all jokes are funny, folks. Especially when they’re made in places as sensitive as airports. Let’s just keep that in mind next time we decide to crack a joke, shall we?

Stay tuned for more local news and interesting tales from your expat community here in Sweden!

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