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Green Thumbs for a Green Heart: Why Kenyan Roses are Better for the Planet

Green Thumbs for a Green Heart: Kenyan Roses are a Climate-Smart Choice

So, you’re thinking of buying roses for Valentine’s Day. You want to make a sweet romantic gesture but also wish to be earth friendly. Well, you might want to choose Kenyan roses over Dutch ones. Why? Because they’re more climate-smart!

The Green Neighbors

According to a new report by Life Cycle Assessment Cut Roses, roses from Kenya have a lower climate footprint than those from the Netherlands. Yep, you heard that right. They’ve factored in greenhouse gas emissions, cumulative energy requirements, and freshwater eutrophication – fancy speak for water pollution caused by excessive nutrients.

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“On average, Dutch roses require 6.4 times more energy than the certified roses flown to Europe, and a whopping 22 times more energy than Kenyan roses shipped by sea”, reveals the report. It also mentions that Dutch roses generate nearly three times more greenhouse gas emissions than their Kenyan counterparts.

“For conscious consumers wanting to buy roses for Valentine’s Day, it’s good to know that locally grown does not always mean lower climate footprint,” says Ulrika Urey, Secretary-General at Fairtrade Sweden.

Climate Footprints and Conscious Choices

Now, let’s take a dive into the details. The Kenyan roses airlifted to Europe, believe it or not, still make a greener choice, while the ones shipped by boat make for an even eco-friendlier option. They have 21 times lower emissions than the Dutch roses. That’s quite a drop, isn’t it?

The Bigger Picture

So, the next time you’re torn over which roses to buy, remember our Kenyan friends. Aside from being a thoughtful gesture of love, choosing Kenyan roses contributes to a larger movement of sustainability and global consciousness. They might be coming from further away, but they carry a lighter load when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions and energy usage.

Wrapping it up

Ultimately, the choice is yours. It’s your bouquet, your sweetheart, and your planet. You can make a difference, one rose at a time. Here’s to a greener Valentine’s Day, memorable not only for the love shared, but also for the care demonstrated towards the only home we have – our Earth. Love responsibly!

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