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Russia Exercises In Black Sea After Attacks On Odessa

Russia’s Black Sea Exercises and Odessa Attacks

Odessa, a Ukrainian port city, has been under attack from Russia for the fourth night in a row. Two people sustained injuries, and the incident destroyed over 100 tons of grain. At the same time, the Russian navy has been conducting exercises in the Black Sea according to the country’s Ministry of Defense.

Tensions Rise with the “Potential Carriers of Military Equipment” Declaration

Since then, Russia declared that they consider all cargo ships sailing towards Ukraine as “potential carriers of military equipment.” This caused the United States to warn that Russia is possibly shelling civilian ships, though Russian ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov has played this down.

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Continued Attacks on Odessa and Ukraine’s Perspective

Another night of Russian shelling hit the port city of Odessa, targeting grain production. The attack resulted in two people injured and the destruction of around 100 tons of peas and 20 tons of barley at a warehouse in Odessa. Additionally, a fire broke out in Odessa’s port earlier this week, destroying 60,000 tons of grain. Ukraine believes that these attacks are a way to prevent grain supplies from leaving Ukraine. Natalija Humenyuk, spokeswoman for Ukraine’s Southern Military Command, said in a statement that “the enemy continues its terror.” She emphasized that this terror is undoubtedly connected to the grain agreement.

UN’s Response and Worry among Expats in Sweden

The United Nations condemned the attacks on Odessa and announced that it had not given up hope of being able to conclude a new agreement on Ukrainian grain exports. Russia’s attacks on Odessa and its exercises in the Black Sea have caused worry among expats living in Sweden. Fears about potential civilian ships being shelled have arisen due to the Kremlin’s refusal to extend the grain agreement. Russia’s exercises in the Black Sea further complicate the situation as it remains unclear what other measures they are taking.

It is uncertain how long this crisis will persist, but it is clear that Russia’s actions are causing alarm among expats in Sweden and around the world. It is important to stay informed about developments as they arise and take necessary precautions if needed.

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