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Sailor Survives Two Months at Sea with Dog

Sailor and Dog Set Sail on Ambitious Journey

Sydney resident Tim Shaddock, 51, and his dog Bella began an ambitious journey at sea in April. They set out from La Paz in Mexico, bound for French Polynesia.

Storm Damages Boat, Stranding Sailor and Dog

A few weeks into their voyage, the boat was damaged in a Pacific storm. The electronics were knocked out, and the boat was now adrift in the middle of the ocean. Tim and Bella were left to survive in whatever ways they could.

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Duo Survives Two Months at Sea

The duo did what they could to stay alive. They drank rainwater and caught raw fish for sustenance. They also sought shelter from the sun under the boat’s canopy. Days turned into weeks as they hung on to hope for rescue.

Rescue Boat Arrives, Sailor and Dog Safe

Finally, after two months at sea, their prayers were answered. A helicopter spotted them and sent a trawler to their rescue. When the rescue boat reached them, both Tim Shaddock and Bella were in remarkably good condition considering what they had gone through.

Sailor Back on Solid Ground, Undergoing Medical Tests

In the days following the rescue, Tim took it easy and ingested coffee and small amounts of food. He was then taken to a doctor who declared him stable and doing well. He now has to slowly get used to a normal diet on dry land.

The tuna trawler with Tim Shaddock and Bella on board is now on its way back to solid ground in Mexico. Once they arrive, Tim will undergo medical tests to investigate whether he needs further treatment. With his miraculous survival at sea, it’s safe to say that Tim Shaddock is undoubtedly one of the luckiest sailors alive today.

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