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Gang Related Wave of Violence in Stockholm Decreases, Says Police

The Wave of Violence Continues

The wave of violence in Stockholm continues, with 18 people killed and 30 injured since December 25. The police believe that the key people driving the violence are the same influential criminals with long careers, who often operate from abroad. On Swedish soil, it is the young, often teenagers, who become the executors.

Police and Social Services Work Together to Prevent New Recruits

Police and social services are working together to prevent new recruits from joining gangs. A social secretary has been placed directly in the police’s operational center to help catch young people in criminal environments. The police state that they have prevented over 40 acts of violence, and they are now investigating whether there may be gang connections behind the latest crimes in Stockholm.

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Explosives Become More Popular as Scare Tactic

Explosives have become increasingly popular as a scare tactic among criminal networks. Two explosions occurred directly adjacent to residential buildings earlier this week. The police are investigating whether these explosions were linked to the current conflicts.

It’s About Generations

The work to curb gang violence in Stockholm will take time, as it is a problem that will not go away anytime soon. It is about generations. The police and social services must work together to prevent new recruits from entering these gangs and to protect young people from becoming pawns in this dangerous game.

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