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Impacting Mental Health: Building Psychological Wellness in Sweden

# Your Psychological Health Counts, Too!

There’s nothing more important than feeling good – and we aren’t speaking strictly of physical health. Today, we’re down to talking about the less spoken health hero in the game – the psychological health. How often do we really consider what’s going inside our minds, emotion-wise? As per a recent article in a Swedish newspaper, it turns out, maybe not enough.

# Understanding the Topic

The Public Health Authority of Sweden, has recently released a handful of advice on how to enhance your mental well-being. This comes amidst increasing reports of mental health concerns, particularly among youngsters and the elderly. As Tommy Eriksson, an investigator with the Swedish Public Health Agency, reminds us, mental health is a public health issue that affects us all.

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# Mental Health Matters​​​​​​

“Psychological health is a public health problem. We see in surveys that many people say they have mental problems, like worry and anxiety.” – says Tommy Eriksson.

Let’s face it, psychological health is as real and important as physical health, and we need to take care of it. What’s been pleasantly surprising though, are the simple ways, the common wisdom, in which we can take better care of our mental well-being.

# Practical Tips to Boost Your Mental Health

Here are the most crucial tips, as stated in the original article, to consider for maintaining good mental health!

1. Share How You’re Feeling

Remember Tom Hanks in “Cast Away”, talking to ‘Wilson’ the Volleyball? Not that you need to be on a deserted island to share your feelings. Talk to the people around you. Use the opportunities to share how you’re feeling, even when things are not crisis-level bad.

2. Accept The Ups and Downs of Life

Be aware that it’s natural for life to have its peaks and valleys. Let’s not fall for the always-happy pictures presented by social media. Embrace the high and low moments as part of life’s package deal.

3. Surround Yourself With Positive Vibes

Whenever possible, try to be with people who make you feel good. Your relationships can have a big impact on your mental health.

4. Keep Moving

Be it a walk around the block or a cycling spree, physical activity is a sure-fire way to stimulate both your body and brain. Small actions definitely count too!

5. Prioritize Sleep

Having a good night’s sleep bolsters your mental faculties. Create a sleep-friendly environment and establish solid sleep routines.

6. Cultivate Self-esteem

Find meaningful roles where you feel valued and important. Challenge yourself by trying new things. It could be just the self-esteem boost you might need!

7. Be Kind To Yourself

Set realistic expectations from yourself. It’s okay to not excel at everything. Learn to handle disappointments with grace.

8. Contribute Your Time and Engagement

Volunteering helps you feel part of a community and benefits your mental well-being.

9. Manage Stress

Stress is inevitable, but remembering to keep it at a healthy level is crucial. Find effective ways to deal with stress and don’t forget to recover!

So there you have it. Simple, attainable steps backed by experts and research to enhance your mental well-being.

Being an expat in Sweden, or anywhere else for that matter, can bring added layers of emotion to the mix. From the culture shock to language barriers, from the weather to establishing relationships, there are numerous aspects that can overwhelm us.

By taking these simple steps, we can make sure we sail through these challenges with better control of our mental health. And remember, you’re not alone on this journey. Reach out to your community, seek help when needed, and take one day at a time.

“Our well-being is largely influenced by the structure of society. If we had a secure upbringing, if the school is good, if the labour market is accessible, and so on. These things can be difficult to influence, but there are things we can do and that is what these tips are about.” – Tommy Eriksson

Remember, knowledge is power, but mental health is a super power!

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