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Stall Lindgården: Malmö’s Royal Retreat for Four-Legged Guests

Stall Lindgården, a prestigious horse hotel situated near Malmö, continues to attract distinguished guests, including royalty and even Joe Labero's ducks. With its exceptional facilities and prime location near transportation connections and lush pastures, this five-star accommodation ensures a luxurious experience for both travelers and their beloved horses.

A Royal Retreat Fit for Kings and Princesses:

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Nestled just a stone's throw away from Yttre Ringvägen in Malmö, Stall Lindgården's horse hotel offers a serene haven for horses. Recently, Henrik von Eckermann's esteemed stallion, King Edward, graced the establishment with his presence. However, the king's suite was already occupied by Malin Baryard Johnson's horse, Indiana, who is considered a princess in her own right. The co-owner of Stall Lindgården, Daniel Åberg, humorously acknowledged the fitting arrangement.

Impeccable Service for Equine Guests:

Returning guests at Stall Lindgården are well-acquainted with the routine. They receive their box numbers and gate access codes upon booking, ensuring a seamless arrival and stay. For first-time visitors, Daniel Åberg and Ylva Cappelin, the diligent hosts of the horse hotel, are always ready to provide assistance. Cleanliness, tidiness, and well-organized boxes are top priorities to ensure a warm welcome. The equestrian-friendly hotel accommodates frequent truck arrivals and departures throughout the day and night.

Pampering Horses with Special Services:

While Stall Lindgården doesn't offer conventional room service, they go the extra mile to cater to their equine guests' needs. Upon request, horses can enjoy fresh hay, providing an additional touch of comfort during their stay.

An Exceptional Equine Haven:

Despite hosting the equestrian elite, Stall Lindgården maintains a tranquil ambiance without any wild parties or disturbances. Safety measures take precedence when it comes to accommodating live animals, ensuring a peaceful environment for both humans and their equine companions.

A Worthwhile Investment:

Priced at SEK 440 per night, a stay at Stall Lindgården is a valuable investment. The hotel's location near the motorway, combined with spacious, well-maintained boxes, ample parking, and pristine surroundings, make it an ideal choice. Louise Barraud, groom to Henrik von Eckermann, attested to the hotel's superiority, highlighting the scarcity of paddocks in Europe and the luxury of grazing on lush grass provided by Stall Lindgården.

A Charming Conversion:

Originally a chalk factory, Stall Lindgården has undergone a remarkable transformation into a stable housing twenty well-appointed boxes. In high demand, all twenty boxes are often occupied overnight, with Daniel Åberg occasionally borrowing nine additional boxes from a helpful neighbor. The unpredictable nature of the equine world keeps the hosts on their toes, as Daniel Åberg humorously notes that an urgent call can summon the need for ten box spaces within an hour.

Beyond Horses: A Quirky Tale:

Stall Lindgården isn't exclusively reserved for horses. In a delightful episode a few years ago, the hotel welcomed some unexpected guests—the celebrity ducks of Joe Labero. Daniel Åberg recalls with amusement a phone call from a woman inquiring if Joe Labero's ducks could find lodging at Stall Lindgården.

With its unrivaled amenities, serene atmosphere, and dedication to serving all guests—be they horses or ducks—Stall Lindgården has established itself as Malmö's premier horse hotel. Visitors can expect nothing less than a regal retreat for their four-legged companions, complete with exceptional service and a truly memorable experience.

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