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Unveiling 2023’s New Swedish Slang Words and Their Influence on Language

All Aboard the Swedish Slang Express: Unwrapping the 2023 Swedish Slang Words!

Don’t know what Barbenheim, gargasnipe, or hyschpengar means? Don’t worry – the Swedish Language Council’s annual slang list is here to the rescue!

The Annual Delight Comes With Fresh Words

Every year, the Swedish Language Council releases an up-to-date round-up of new words and this year’s not different. Notable 2023 additions include insightful labels such as “Barbenheimer”, “Ick”, “Dna-pass”, to slightly quirky “Wild Pregnancy.”

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AI Influence All Over:

Technology’s fast pace, with AI development at the helm, left its mark on our lingo too. Words like “prompt” and “AI-cloned” have become common, thanks to the explosion of Generative AI in 2023.

“Prompt used to be a niche technical term. But with the surge in AI, it’s now about providing instructions to machines. The term witnessed wider use this past year,” explains Anders Svensson, the language editor for ‘Språktidningen.’

Homegrown English or Imported Delicacies?

You’ll also find phrases straight from the English language. Nepo baby, situationship, streaming farm – these might sound familiar to you anglophone folks! That’s not startling, says Svensson.

Svensson added,

“A majority of Swedes are fluent in English. We often look towards the English-speaking countries for trends. It’s no wonder then, that we are borrowing words from them.”

“Hyschpengar” – The New Kid in Town

One of the most talked-about additions has been “Hyschpengar.” Popularized during the trials against Donald Trump, it describes bribes paid to withhold information. Svensson thinks it fills an important gap in the language.

“Hyschpengar is a convenient term for a practice that’s been around for quite some time,” notes Svensson.

In a Nutshell…

So, whether you’re a native Swedish speaker or an expat working on living la vida loca in Sweden, this slang list is your guide to survive and thrive amidst IKEA’s and ABBA’s proud space! Buckle up and let’s ride the slang express together! Happy chattin’!

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