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America’s ‘New Phase’ Talks with Israel: Analyzing the Conflict

Talks in America: A ‘New Phase’ with Israel

You and I usually catch up over a cup of coffee, right? Today, let’s spill the beans over another hot discussion taking place across the pond. We’re talking about the fiery scenario in Gaza, where Israel continues with its aggressive offensives. And guess what? The USA has jumped into the fray, discussing a “new phase” in Israel’s war with Hamas, if sources from the White House are to be believed.

Some Heated Conversations Across Tables

The whole drama unfolded when meetings took place between Israel’s Prime Minister – the man of the moment, Benjamin Netanyahu’s strategic advisor – Ron Dermer and the USA’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan in Washington. Dermer also met with high officials like the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

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What’s intriguing is that the USA has been echoing the need for Israel to do more in protecting civilians in the war-ridden Gaza but is yet to endorse a ceasefire demand.

“Israel’s Army Chief Herzi Halevi, much in line with Netanyahu’s recent declarations, expressed that it is far from the end of this war – possibly months away. The offensive continues with unabated intensity.”

So intense, right?

Turning The Tide

What’s getting murmurings from the media is the discussion over Israel shifting its massive efforts in Gaza to a focused approach against high Hamas leaders. It’s a bit of a twist, innit?

Last week, the UN Security Council, after several days of delayed voting, adopted a resolution demanding an expansive humanitarian aid to Gaza. And where did our friends in the US stand? They abstained.

This is where we are right now. It’s a tight spot, for sure, but we’re all hoping for a peaceful resolution, aren’t we? Here’s to hoping that the coffee next time comes with fewer war talks and more peace stories.

I’ll keep you posted, mate. Stay tuned!

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