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Egypt Constructs Refugee Camp in Desert Amid Potential Israeli Ground Offensive

Egypt Builds a Refugee Camp in the Desert, Preparing for Possible Influx

Words traveling from the sands of Egypt have surfaced that the country is constructing a hefty refugee camp in the desert. Wall Street Journal suggests that such building is a precautionary measure, in anticipation of a potential Israeli ground offensive against the border town of Rafah in southern Gaza.

Details from the Desert

We’re talking about a more than 20 square kilometer enclosure deep in the northern Sinai desert, far from Egyptian settlements. From what we hear, this camp has arms open wide enough for over 100,000 individuals who find themselves displaced. Rumors spread by Egyptian government sources are bullish about the scale of this project, however the local authorities dismiss these claims. To them, what’s really happening involves a survey of houses destroyed during Egypt’s actions against ISIS, if you believe what the Egyptian governor for the region has to say.

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“In the midst of everything, a strange silhouette develop.”

The Bigger Picture

Satellite imagery between February 4th and 14th reveals substantial ground clearing in the area. But why the sudden rush to accommodate a large influx of people? Well, the picture gets clearer when you consider that, despite receiving multiple warnings from the international community, Israel remains steadfast on its plans of a large-scale ground offensive against Rafah. This is a specter that haunts over a million Palestinians who’ve sought refuge from the war that has devastated large parts of the Gaza Strip.

“Egypt fears that such an onslaught could drive hundreds of thousands of displaced Palestinians over the border.”

An Uprising Emotion

If you’re scratching your head wondering why the issue of displaced Palestinians has put Egypt into high alert, hang tight. The warning signs have been there for a while. Firstly, Egypt has openly warned Israel against such an offensive and have even threatened to call off the peace treaty going back decades between the two. Second, the potential for a large-scale displacement could seriously disrupt the region’s stability and add fuel to the fire of an already tense situation.

“An impending war looms large, friendships totter on the brink of collapse.”

In Conclusion

Seemingly caught in the middle of escalating conflicts, Egypt is making its own moves to prepare for worst-case scenarios. Whether it’s a refugee camp under construction or a systematic effort to build an inventory of areas affected by ISIS, one thing is clear – Egypt is getting ready. As expats living in Sweden, these are developments we need to keep an eye on. Given our international community, these are also concerns that likely affect people we know, and hence, concern all of us collectively.

“News from sands afar, touch us all who call Sweden our temporary home.”

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