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Debate on Sweden’s Currency Reignites 20 Years Later

Sweden’s Currency Debate Reignites 20 years On

Twenty years ago, Swedes embroiled themselves in a robust debate about adopting the euro, with the Swedish krona under scrutiny. The issue of the “shit currency”, as some colloquially refer to it, is currently triggering renewed debates.

Past Referendum Echoes in Present

In 2003, a democratic vote saw Sweden staunchly reject the euro’s adoption, a memory that resurfaces as the Krona is faced with a historic low. At that time, the debate’s footprint was amplified by the tragic murder of Foreign Minister Anna Lindh, marking a grim period in Sweden’s history. Today, the evolving landscape of Swedish economics raises fundamental questions about the prospect of currency change as the Krona’s dip continues.

“Sweden has one of Europe’s best economies and has been managed well by various governments, but now the old tools no longer work, the krona seems to go its own way regardless of what the Riksbank does,” says Carl-Henric Svanberg, Former Ericsson Boss.

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Public Sentiment and the Euro

Public sentiment, however, appears to remain steadfast. Swedes, as indicated by Statistics Sweden’s biannual measurements, have remained sceptical about adopting the euro. Despite the economic uncertainties in face of a weakening Krona, the inertia against monetary change remains strong.

Will the Euro Be Sweden’s Future?

The ever-looming question of the euro’s introduction in Sweden cannot be ignored. Christer Gardell, a financier, has been a notable advocate, indicating a shift in his perspective after voting against the euro in the 2003 vote. Yet, the final say will always come from Swedish locals, who despite global trends and pressures, continue to define and shape Sweden’s unique economic landscape.


The conversation around Sweden’s ‘shit currency’ is undoubtedly escalating in relevancy again, two decades on from the initial debate. While the economic landscape might have changed, it feels like Sweden is caught in a déjà vu moment. The question remains, will this historical replay effect change, or will Sweden’s beloved Krona maintain its reign?

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