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Skogås Teen Shooting Case Begins Trial: A Closer Look

Tragic Teen Shooting in Skogås Comes to Trial

In January, a heartrending event took place. A 15-year-old was shot dead in a sushi restaurant in Skogås, south of Stockholm. Fast forward to this Monday, and the trial against the ten individuals suspected of involvement in the incident has started. What’s peculiar about this case? The alleged shooter, just 15 at the time, was a peer of the victim.

Youth Violence in Sharp Focus

The teenage boy lost his life on January 28th this year after being shot in the head at a sushi restaurant in Skogås, Huddinge. The accused, a previously unconvicted teenager who was 15 at the time and has since turned 16, allegedly was the one who pulled the trigger.

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“This case is unique in that the majority of those involved were children, that is, persons under 18, and the victim was just 15 years,” says Kian Amraée, chair and one of two legal judges in the case.

According to prosecutors, the tragic act was well-planned. The order is thought to have come from a 25-year-old rapper with strong ties to the Kurdish Fox, the 37-year-old Rawa Majid.

A Life Worth 100,000 Kronor?

Sources informed DN that the suspected shooter was allegedly promised 100,000 Kronor for carrying out the murder. An array of photographs in the preliminary investigation reveal the boy posing with stacks of bills, part of which he purportedly splurged on a shopping spree at NK department store in central Stockholm.

NK, post this horrific event, announced an end to cash handling in their department stores, hoping to deter criminals from spending illicitly obtained money there.

The individual accused of providing the funds is a 26-year-old man, believed to be part of the high-ranking circle of the criminal Bronätwork. He wasn’t charged, but investigations concerning him are still ongoing.

Revenge as a Motive?

The police theory appears to suggest revenge. Nine days before the 15-year-old was executed, a rumor circulated on social media alleging that he had been forced to fire at an apartment door in northwest Stockholm. The intended target? A relative of Rawa Majid, who police have identified as leading the Foxtrot criminal network. This led to a bounty being placed on the 15-year-old’s head.

In total, ten individuals face charges under eight counts, including murder, conspiracy to commit murder, aiding and abetting murder, preparing to commit murder, failure to reveal murder, severe firearm offences, and severe sheltering of criminals.

All said, the trial is split into several parts and is expected to last until December 11th. Notably, this case serves as a stark reminder of the growing issue of youth-related violence. While the legal proceedings take their course, one cannot overlook the broader conversation regarding crime prevention and youth protection in Sweden.

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