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School Employee Stabbed at Grimstaskolan in Vällingby, Sweden

At 12.51 on Wednesday, the police were alerted to Grimstaskolan in western Stockholm. A person with a sharp object had entered the school and an adult employee was slightly injured. The police have arrested a teenage boy who is suspected of the crime.

According to police spokesperson Mats Eriksson, it was an injury to the hand. A preliminary investigation into serious assault, serious breach of the Knife Act and serious illegal threats has been launched. The perpetrator had also received minor injuries.

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Police on site in Vällingby. Photo: Roger Turesson

There are no suspicions that more perpetrators may have been involved. On Wednesday afternoon, the police did not want to share any information about what possible motive may have been behind it.

Outside Grimstaskolan, several worried parents gathered outside the cordons.

A worried father hugs his daughter. Photo: Roger Turesson

When he arrived, everything was blocked off.

Hanefi Aydin has his 10-year-old son Enver at school.

Hanefi Aydin and his 10-year-old son Enver, who attends Grimstaskolan. Photo: Roger Turesson

Enver told us: “It was scary. They said we should protect ourselves, I hid behind a couch in the classroom. I thought I might die”. After a while, his entire class was allowed to go out into the sun on the lawn next to the school.

Teddy Söderberg, primary school manager at the education administration. Photo: Ulrika By

After another moment, his entire class was allowed to go out into the sun on the lawn next to the school.

In parallel with the operation at Grimstaskolan, a box was handed in to the police station in Vällingby. At the bottom of the box was a suspected explosive device, local police chief Johan Olsson told DN. He currently sees no connections between the events.

Shortly after 3 p.m., the cordons were lifted at the police station and the object was taken care of in a safe manner, the police state.

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