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Power Outage in Stockholm

Power outage in Stockholm

A cable fault caused a major power outage in Stockholm on Tuesday morning, affecting 37,724 customers in the Kungsholmen and Lilla and Stora Essingen areas.

Cable fault causes major power outage

The outage affected businesses, shops, and traffic lights in the area, making it difficult for people to go about their daily lives. Ellevio’s press manager Jesper Liveröd said they were “trying to see if we can reconnect the power from other lines to the affected area.”

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Outage affects businesses, shops, and traffic lights

The power outage also impacted public transport in Stockholm, as ten subway stations were affected. SL’s press spokesperson Sophie Gunnarsson said they had staff on site to help people.

Public transport also impacted

Even the police station on Kungsholmen was partially without power on Tuesday morning. To keep up with their most important tasks, parts of the house were supplied by the house’s spare unit.

Police station partially without power

Power restored within an hour

Fortunately, just before 9.30 am, the fault was located and the power started to come back on. One hour after the outage began, all customers were supplied with electricity again.

Fault located and power starts to come back on

All customers supplied with electricity again

Take note of potential power shortages

Tuesday morning’s power outage in Stockholm was an unfortunate incident which disrupted many people’s lives and activities, but thanks to Ellevio’s efforts, it was resolved quickly and efficiently. With this incident in mind, it is important to take note of potential power shortages and plan for them ahead of time in order to minimize the disruption caused by them.

Plan ahead to minimize disruption

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