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Bird Flu Confirmed in Stockholm

Avian influenza has been officially confirmed by the Swedish Veterinary Institute (SVA) in the Stockholm area. The presence of the disease was detected after a number of laughing gulls were found dead in Järfälla in mid-May.

Reports of sick and deceased birds primarily originated from Råstasjön in Solna and Lötsjön in Sundbyberg, located just south of Järfälla.

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Karin Olofsson-Sannö, a game veterinarian and pathologist at SVA, has cautioned that there is a risk of the infection spreading to other regions and impacting additional bird species. In light of this, she issued a warning to dog owners, urging them to ensure their pets steer clear of sick or deceased birds.

Migratory birds from southern Europe are believed to have introduced the avian influenza to the area. The significant mortality rate observed among the laughing gulls is likely a result of their tendency to nest closely together.

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